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Here we shall add photos of Space Listeners... Please, send yours to our e-mail E_mail_Spaceshuttle

1. Dave Valko, Pennsylvania, USA 16th Aug. 2003 01:04 UTC 13810 kHz
2. David Hodgson, Tennessee, USA 25th Aug. 2003 00:05 UTC 13810 kHz
3. Jean Burnell, Nova Scotia, Canada 26th Oct. 2003 15:04 UTC 15810 kHz
4. Jerry Berg, MA, USA 26th Oct. 2003 15810 kHz
5. Dave Valko, Pennsylvania, USA 27th Nov. 2003 00:02 UTC 15810 kHz
6. George Maroti, New York, USA 27th Nov. 2003 00:14 UTC 15810 kHz
7. Mark Taylor, Wisconsin, USA 27th Nov. 2003 01:27 UTC 15810 lHz
8. Ross Comeau, MA, USA 29th Nov. 2003 12:23 UTC 15810 kHz
9. George Maroti, New York, USA 7th July 2005 01:52 UTC 15810 kHz

Dave Valko, Pennsylvania USA listening Spaceshuttle in his remote listening place. Dave was first ever North-American listener of RSI. Many thanks for your report!

Dave's Japan Radio Company's NRD in use of listening radiostation from Outer Space over Europe!

Dave has just received his First NA-QSL from R Spaceshuttle! TA QSL Nr 001! Congratulations!!!! Listeningdate was 16th August 2003 01:04 UTC on 13810 kHz,

Klaus Fuchs from Western Germany is one of our regular listener. Here is photo from his listening corner and Kenwood R1000 receiver he uses.

Antonin Svoboda have listened Spaceshuttle in Czech Republic many times. Thank you for your reports!

Here is photo of Antonin's radioequipments when listening RSI.

Here's Antonin's SWL QSL sent to Spaceshuttle.

And here is Antonin in action!